The Lobby


Welcome, weary traveler, to the refurbished Hotel Twilight, the finest resort you should rest your mind in in all of Santa Carla.  When you’ve caught your breath, why don’t you head on over to the front desk and check in for your stay?  While the hotel may look to be constantly bustling, we are always capable of rooming those that need it.  Once you’re all good and settled, why not take a gander throughout the premises?  We have so much to offer all of our guests, especially after night falls.  If I may offer a bit of advice, however, I do say, after dark, it is safer within these walls than without.  Santa Carla, you see, while it is a vacation town, those seeking to get lost often do.

I’ve talked your ear off enough.  Go and accustom yourself to your room and should you need anything, please don’t hesitate to contact room service.  Also, be sure to check the bulletin board down below for the latest goings-on at Hotel Twilight.  You wouldn’t want to miss anything.

Now, where shall your wanderings take you tonight?

Last updated: 1/17/15: Got a pretty hefty update this time around.  I went a little eBay crazy for a few weeks there and got myself some stuff.  Everything new you’ll find in The Gallery marked ***NEW***.  I added two new press kit photos to the collection, one of Michael all vamped out and another of Marko giving the okay sign (first and last photos in the collection).  I got a small haul of random photos that you can find in Miscellaneous Images that include the Frogs and Sam running in on Star and Michael after David’s death, David and Michael fighting, the Frogs and Michael carrying Star and Laddie up Grandpa’s stairs, Grandpa himself in his Jeep, Mike lying down, and a headshot of Paul.  There’s a short two page article from Teen Beat sometime in 1987 under it’s own link.  This includes small blurbs on the cast and an interview with Corey Haim.  Filed under Miscellaneous Articles is one from 16 magazine sometime around the time of the movie with little blurbs on the cast.  And last but not least, the grand haul, Splice from May of 1988, with articles on Corey Feldman and Alex Winter plus a bunch of blurbs about the cast, including photos, as part of their awards ceremony deal.  The Lost Boys ended up first in a few categories and a close second in others.  It’s all worth a look.  And on top of all of that I cleaned up the links page and replaced the Good Times and Lost in the Shadows videos with current ones.  Enjoy!