The Gallery

With a hotel as elite as The Twilight, did you really think we wouldn’t have a gallery featuring the finest art in all of Santa Carla (perhaps even the state and, if I may be so presumptuous, the world)?  The collection here is certainly amongst the rarest of art out there.  If you have anything that would fit in nicely with the works already here, please contact the manager.  She’d love to add your work to our collection, with full credit, of course.

So please, what are you waiting for?  Peruse our gallery at your leisure.  However, if you’d like copies, it’s always nice to ask or, at the very least, let the world know you got the images at the illustrious Hotel Twilight.  Please and thank you.

*Please note: All house galleries are scanned in from my own private collection.  Any images found in the third party galleries are property of the contributor.  Permission must be sought from those contributors to use their images.

**Just to reiterate, if you’d like to use any of these images, please, just send me a quick email to ask.  I’d be more than happy to say yes.  All I ask is for you to ask.  Every single one of these is a scan (or photo, as the case is with the posters) from my personal collection so it took some time to get all these up here and they’re relatively easy to track should they be taken without permission.  Especially if they have my name written on them.  These images are here to be shared.  All I ask is that you respect me and my collection and just ask if you’d like to use any of them.  I won’t say no.  Just please don’t steal them.  That won’t make me happy.  Contrary to popular belief, just because something’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s up for free use.

House Galleries

Lost Boys Articles

Tiger Beat, October 1987

Fangoria, August 1987

Fangoria, September 1987

Miscellaneous Articles

Fangoria, July 1987

Fangoria, October 1987

Fangoria, March 1987

Starlog, September 1987

Starburst, February 1988

Italian Article, 1988

Starlog, October 1987

Teen Beat, 1987

Splice, May 1988

Movie Images

Japanese Movie Program


2008 Neca Calendar


Novel Covers

Soundtrack Covers

Limited Edition Score Covers

1991 VHS Covers

Miscellaneous Images

Press Kit Photos

Lobby Cards

Movie Pamphlet

UK VHS Covers


***NEW***2016 Comics***NEW***



Lost in the Shadows

Mr. Rabba’s Images

Kitty’s Press Kit Photo

Victoria’s Santa Cruz Images

Drew’s Collection

Vila’s UK Poster

Lizzie’s Lobby Cards

Vinny’s Reproductions