As you may have already guessed, the hotel is not the only place of interest around here.  Why don’t you visit one of these wonderful places if you just can’t get enough but be sure to come back to the hotel when you’re done.  This is where your bed is, after all.

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Actor Sites

Billy Wirth Fan Club

The official fan site for Billy Wirth

Brooke McCarter on Facebook

Says it all

Brooke McCarter Official Site

His official website

Alex Winter Fansite

An unofficial Alex Winter appreciation site

Alex Winter Twitter

His official Twitter site

Corey Feldman

The brunette Corey’s official site

Corey Haim’s Official Website

Pretty self-explanatory

Corey Haim Memorial Montage

RIP 3/10/10

Kiefer Sutherland Home

A fan-run site dedicated to the Smirk Master

Jamison Newlander on Facebook

Jamison’s Facebook page



I-Mockery’s Movie Spotlight

A funny run-down of the movie

Roger Ebert’s Review

The original one from 1987

Cracked’s 8 Things ‘The Lost Boys Could Teach ‘Twilight’ Vampires

Absolutely hilarious, and horribly, horribly true

All Access with Alan Frog

My interview with Jamison Newlander about TLB3

Before ‘Twilight,’ ‘Lost Boys’ Made Vampires Fun

A glorious article giving Joel Schumacher and The Lost Boys all the credit they deserve for their awesomeness

‘The Lost Boys’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

Find out what a handful of these awesome actors are doing now

9 Facts About The Lost Boys

You probably already know them, but they’re still fun nonetheless

9 Things You May Not Know About the Film

Again, you probably do, but good effort, guys

TV Series in the Works at CW

Not sure how I feel about this

It Screenwriter Says The Lost Boys is the Perfect Halloween Movie

Can’t say I don’t agree with that

12 Things to Love About The Lost Boys

You know you love them too

The Lost Boys 30 Years Later

A great little article

The Lost Boys’ Subtly Radical Vision of Family

A deeper dive into the blood-sucking Brady Bunch



The Lost Boys 30th Anniversary Fanfic Contest Extravaganza

An epic months’-long contest and fandom love event for the movie’s 30th anniversary

Jeffrey Boam’s “The Lost Boys”

What appears to be the original script

The Lost Boys: The Beginning

Supposedly a prequel script written by Joel Schumacher

Pigeon Palace: Marko’s Sanctuary

It’s all about Marko fanfiction at this site

A Lost Boys Sanctuary

Jenn’s second website for Lost Boys love next to Pigeon Palace

Murder Capital of the World

My own TLB fanfiction site

Blood and Kisses

TLB fanfiction, and a few other things


Some Lost Boys fanfiction on


A tumblr fansite


Then & Now Movie Locations: The Lost Boys

Screen caps and fairly recent photos of the movie’s locations, including the REAL trestle and cave


Probably the most extensive fan site out there, originally owned by Sammy Frog




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Thank You

Cliff House Project

A thank you to this site for the inspiration for Hotel Twilight and for the images