You might be wondering why my Lost Boys site looks the way it does.  Usually people go with the standard red and black or something to do with the cave or the boardwalk.  Seems reasonable since all those things are pretty central to the movie.  I decided to zoom in on something a little more unique and in-passing than the rest.  That’s where the hotel comes in.

I’ve been a fan of The Lost Boys since I was 11, back in 1994.  I’ll let you do the rest of the math.  I used to have a Lost Boys fansite on what appears to be a now-defunct hosting site called Acme Cities (or City, I can’t remember).  It was your standard Lost Boys site with pictures and a summary.  I was 14 and spent a lot of time on it.  Then Acme went and upgraded their server and I lost everything.  They more or less said oops, our bad and that was it.  It was lost with no chance of recovery and I was discouraged.

Then, about mid-way through 2007, I decided to make another site.  A pretty big lapse, I know.  What can I say?  I was pretty discouraged.  I wanted something different, something a little more than your standard Lost Boys site.  That’s when I thought of it – the hotel.

When David’s showing Michael around the cave for the first time, he talks about how it used to be the hottest resort in Santa Carla at the turn of the century before the 1906 earthquake took it.  Well now isn’t that a clever thought.  What about a Victorian hotel theme?  And Hotel Twilight was born.  Originally it was hosted for free on Geocities and then when I bought my own domain for my writing site, I decided to upgrade the hotel as well.

On Geocities, I did what I could within the space allotted.  I had the language (sort of) and the attitude and at least something that could look like a Victorian hotel on top of a cliff as a root for the site.  Once I got the space, and santacarlatwilight.com, I could do what I want with pretty much all the space I could need or use.

So I went hunting and came across the PERFECT hotel that could represent this turn-of-the-century marvel in Santa Carla that got sucked into the earth in one fell swoop.  The Cliff House Project furthered my vision for the hotel and thus it became the real root of the site.  This is Hotel Twilight.  It couldn’t get any better.  Throw in some Victorian wallpaper, some gas lights, a few stake crosses and the language from the old site and viola!  The newly refurbished Hotel Twilight is born.

Being the avid Lost Boys fan that I am, I know what’s out there for fan sites.  This is the first and presently the only hotel-themed Lost Boys fansite.  Remember that.  Hotel Twilight is the original.  Accept no substitutes.

Aside from all of that, I’m also a huge history lover and the history of the Santa Cruz area, especially the boardwalk, is so fascinating.  I know delving into the history of this coastal community wouldn’t have even occurred to me had it not been for The Lost Boys but I also wouldn’t have my love for aging seaside amusement parks either!  There’s just so much history, mystery and nostalgia surrounding this place that I just couldn’t let it go.  Or maybe it’s just me

Either way, that’s why this site is the way it is.  I was aiming for unique and original and I think I hit that nail pretty squarely on the head.  And I’m pretty proud of the results. I worked hard enough on it at least!

Just to give you a taste of what I see in the history of Santa Cruz, take a look at these images, at least 50 years old (replicas, obviously).  Maybe you’ll see what I see.